About me

So you clicked on this page to get to know a little bit more about me?
Okay well...
My name's Gemma Lousianna, I'm a 21 year old freelance make-up artist, stylist and model from the Cambridgeshire area.
I'm a proper little rock and roller, but with a girly touch. The picture above was taken whilst getting a jaguar ink tempary tattoo at leeds fest 2010. I love festivals and music, I write and play my own music.
I did media production at college because thats another side of the industry I love, I've done a few bits of radio presenting here and there and learning about whole media industry falls very much hand in hand with beauty especially when you freelance, because you can get to be working in those sort of studio and onset environments very often. 
Whilst at college I also worked 2 part time jobs which funded my make-up learning. I went to London once a month to mac pro shop to build up my kit and get advice and tips from the artists in there. At the time Nicola Chapman from Pixiwoo was working in the pro store so I got to speak to her a few times which was amazing.
Its been this year that I've really stepped up my game and finally started my own freelance business as a make-up artist under the business name 'Dolly Roger. You can find more about Dolly Roger by clicking the DR advert at the side of the blog or reading the DR page. 

A few quick fun facts.

I collect rubber ducks
I have auditioned for xfactor the past 2 years.
I have OCD on cushions I have FAR to many.
I have 8 tattoos.
I used to be a cheerleader.
I can play the guitar, keyboard and ukulele.
I LOVE comedy and Russel Kane is my favourite.
I've spent the night in the same hotel room as the band Iglu and Hearty if anyone remembers the song 'in this city' its that band (no nothing happened just partying all night!)
My favouite cocktails are cosmopolitals and woo woo's.
I looove making cupcakes!
Mountain dew is awesome I ever have it in a lipbalm!

I've been kissed by Simon Cowell.
I won't bore you any more, if you want to know anything else or just general chit chat email me :)