Thursday, 15 December 2011

My weekend in London with Russell Kane!

Okay so the title of this blog post, athough techincally true, implies that I spent my whole weekend with Russell.... oh how I wish. I did however see him at the Apollo on Saturday and at the BBC studios on monday for his pilot of a new series he's hosting, Live at the Electric.
 THIS my little lovelies, is why I have been blog absent for few days! I was absolutely shatter after the weekend, I trained there and back both days and barely got any sleep, and I now work for hmv over christmas to pay for better presents for people, and I've been SO shattered!.

I know this is a beauty and fashion blog, and I have included some fashion in it for you, but I feel the need to post even more about my overall experience, because it was just fantastic :).

Anyway I'll get down to it now with the weekend.
If you saw my last post or any others infact, you will know just how big a fan I am of Russell Kane. His sence of humour is an awful lot like mine and he's SUCH a lovely guy, as I now really do know for sure... more on that later.

I wont go into a life story about him or anything but he came from a council estate background, he wasn't well off, however he was very inteligent. He went to uni to study literature but still ended up in a bit of a dead end job. Lots of people suggested he try standup, and forseveral years every night after work he'd do a free set at a pub. 
He went from that to recently winning the Fosters Comedy award!
However he stays totally grounded and really appriciates everthing he now has, as he explains in some of his stand up jokes and how he tweets.

At the Apollo I was sat behind his mum! I was 10 rows back and had a fantastic view! 
I also saw his girlfriend at the bar and she is SO much prettier in real life than in photo's, really beautiful.
He was fantastic live, his stories are always hilarous with brilliant delivery, yet theres always almost a lot of warmth to them, he tells you about himself on a deeper level than most comedians go to. And I can't not giggle with his brilliant energetic pacing and twirling about on the stage! He has a smile that's just so infections it instantly makes you happy when you see it.
I can go on and on about how excited I was, the first one there, cozing up to management to try and meet him, but I'm sure you just want to see some photos already so here's a few for you.

Okay so not THE most exciting pictures ever, I wasn't alowed to take pictures inside the Apollo.
I do have a VERY exciting picture soon though... just wait for it. 

Oh and very quickly I have to add this picture, I thought this statue was hilarous.
Orgy in London, well why not?

So it doesn't really clealy show my outfit in these pictures, it was to cold outside, and inside the Apollo when my full dress was visabile i couldn't take photos... soooo I'll show you some pictures of what I wore, just not on me =].

I fell in love with this dress when I model I worked on, wore it for a shoot. Its £27.99 from Ark.

And these are the Henry Holland tights I wore!.

I know... Its a lot different from the outfit I planned to wear in the previous post, but I did end up wearing the black dress mentioned for the BBC :).

Okay so the BBC...
I wont rabbit on, but I ended up going on my own as my friend couldn't go. 
I have been determinded to meet Russell Kane for ages. I'm a massive fan and I'm a real tryer when it comes to getting something that I really want and am really passionate about.
I was very close to meeting him after the Apollo, the manager was going to let me, the stage door bouncer however, declined, saying only friends and family with an official AAA pass allowed, and no one else.

So I asked the ticket collecter at the BBC she said it tends not to happen here, sorry.
I was like, Okay, nevermind, but I'll try something else.
I actually got a front row seat right at the middle for this show, I couldn't stop smiling, Russ even made a joke about me, I was so happy!
After the show I thought I'd try my luck and went to ask a camera man, before I'd even said anything, little miss ticket collector lady, was behind me and telling me, 'no no no, I know what your trying to do, you need to leave now please' absolute bitch... WELL.....
Out of the corner of my eye I saw Russell!
So I shouted to him 'Russell!' I asked if I could have a quick hug and picture, the BBC lady contined to be a bitch telling me I wasn't alowed but Russ was so lovely and told her to just let him have a minute with me, even though she still declined, he just whispered to me that I better hurry so neither of us get in trouble, but he had a quick chat with me and a picture, and even signed the bag that I got from his merch table at the Apollo. Such SUCH a lovely man. His girlfriend also regognised me from twitter gave me a cuddle and we had a little chat.

I can't believe I actually met one of my biggest ever idols, it just goes to prove if you want something bad enough, you really can get it!.

And heres the picture :).

This weekend has only intensified my love for Russell Kane. Not only a brilliant comedian, and excellent writer, but such a lovely genuine person!

He's spoken to me on twitter 8 times in the past couple of months, no other celebrity has done that.
I really look up to this guy so much!

Just another random little note, comedy is always something I've been interested in, I've always been pretty witty and full of banter and stories, after being told by a few different guys that I'm quite funny and should try writing stand up, I'm going to give it a go, and next year I'm going to try out some open mics. As I say, its something I've always wanted to do, but this man has really inspired me.

Can't wait to read his Novel that comes out in April and Watch his DVD that I know I'm getting for christmas!

Have you heard of Russell Kane, what do you think of him?
Much love,

P.S. If you haven't, then you must google/youtube him!

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