Saturday, 6 August 2011

Introduction :)

Hiya everyone, I thought I'd better introduce myself, my names Gemma, I'm 19 and i've been part of the online beauty community for a long time now, 4 years in-fact. I used to make my own little tutorials on youtube but stopped to focus on college which was silly as I could have done both!.
I've always been behind the scenes though reading and watching everyone out there, but the fact is, being a make-up junkie, fashion addict and a freelance make-up artist and stylist, and constant requests from my friends to start up a blog and videos again, I thought it would be silly not to!. I've never posted anything on my blogger account before so bare with me while I get used to it, I doubt I'll be very good at first. But I think I have lots of valuable opinions and advise for you and I shall start working on some posts asap :).
I hope someone out there finds me good to read and I think this way I'll feel more a part of the community rather than just sitting here reading and watching you all!. Please welcome me as I said I've been here years but this is my first go at beauty blogging.
Much love,
Gemma. -x

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