Saturday, 11 May 2013

From chic to cheap, my under £5 challenge!

As a makeup artist, I am always looking to use the best possible products to give my clients the luxury service they are paying for. This often means shelling out on the highest priced products which make us feel like feel like we are getting something special and of higher quality than typical high street/drugstore brands.

Though my kit consists of a range of products, all of which are high end. In my own personal kit I have varying brands and some of my favourite products are those that don't cost the earth. This is what's made me go on a bit of a challenge, step out of my comfort zone and chose a product a week under £5 to trial and review!

Even at drugstore prices, to find a good product under £5 isn't easy! The high street prices are rising and the gap between high street and high end makeup is in fact, closing in rapidly.

The first item for my challenge inspired my whole idea for this little project. Whilst in boots having a gander I came across the miss sporty stand, a brand I used to purchase from as a young teen. I remember using one of their foundations on a holiday to Florida and though I had no idea what I was doing then, I remember liking it! So I spotted their anti blemish foundation for £3.50. Now typically I do have very good skin and rarely get any bad blemishes however of course every so often the little buggars will appear and working as a makeup artist and part time model I feel it's my duty to keep my skin as clear and smooth as possible.

Therefore this could be a total disaster if it doesn't work out!

However after having a feel of the foundation in store I took a punt as it looked like it could be quite nice.

I will be trialling this foundation at the toughest place this afternoon, then gym! I don't like to wear much if at all any makeup at the gym, but I do like to put a bit of light foundation on to look more awake! Obviously I will also trial this product on a normal day, however it will be put through its paces this afternoon and we'll see if a £3.50 foundation can rival a production 10 times it's price!

Would you like to join me on this challenge?

Let me know if there are any £5 or under products that you're loving right now.

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