Friday, 30 December 2011

Christmas Haul Part 1 - Beauty

Sadly as I'm writing this I have a big ol swollen up face from an annoying wisdom tooth, which I very much doubt will go down by tomorrow, plus being on lots of painkillers and antibiotics means no drinkies.. big fat boo!

But on a lighter note, heres the beauty related gifts that I got for christmas :)

A few stocking fillers here, 2 lipsmakers balms in cola and vallina cola, an MUA eye shaddow (dupe for mac club which is why i askd for it, well done mum for remembering the right one!) a debenhamds lip scrub, this is beautiful and its cupcake flavoured and scented! And snow fairy, my mum makes us all personalised crackers and this is what she put in mine :).

Mac Viva Glam Gaga 2, Mac nail polish and Katy Perry Purr. Ooober pleased that I got gaga 2 because I'd almost forgotten about it and hadn't bought it yet it had been on my to get list for ages! 

A selection of hair masks from avon. My mum knows just how much I love my hairmasks, and I get through them SUPER quick, so i was very happy to see theese!

The sleek berry colletion! I was almost sure that I would get this, as I kept banging on about it, its such a lovely set and I wil deffinately do a review on this!

EEEEP! This is one of the first presents that I opened and I was SO pleased! Origins vitazing moisteriser, ginzing eye cream and an overnight facemask. I've yet to try the face mask but I am SO impressed with the vitazing and ginzing, I will deffinately being doing a review of these products, I adore them and they have become staples!

Here is some avon goodies, an MUA matt black shaddow, most adorable perfume roll on ever, its Tinkerbell and is called 'pixie dust'! The ring above is a scented ring with the same scent, how cute! Then there's the sleek primer palette which I have been after for ages, and the nail polish is one of my favourite presents! You wont really get why, its a RUBBISH polish, the worst, BUT its from Toys R us in times square, my mums friend had to hunt for this on her holiday, and it plays 'A different side of me' by Allstar Weekend when you open it! I wanted the lipgloss but the didn't have it, I honestly dont care because whatever product it is, it's going to be totally naff but Allstar Weekend are one of my favourite bands, they're much more popular in the states, hence this only being available over there, and I got to meet the band at a one off UK gig, and the lead singer signed my ankle and i have it tattooed, so you can see why I was so hyped about this!

A jelly belly fragrance set, woah, these really do smell strong, much more than I thought they would! A cranberry room spray, this has become one of my favourite presents (yes I am easily amused) I will probly review this as well since I love it so much. I LOVE room/linin sprays and cranberry is one of my favourite smells/tastes especially in cocktails, and this smells JUST like a woo woo or cosmopolitan cocktail, fab! Then there's a new york make-up bag, my mum said the only reason she got this was for one of the photo's, it has a picture of west 42nd street subway station. I went to new york for my 16th and 18th birthdays, we stayed at the same hotel both times, on times square, and we would always pass this tube station :)

One thing is missing from this, because I took it out and keep using it! And thats the toner spritser.
AHHHH LIZ EARLE I LOVE YOU. This my alltime favourite cleanser, and I ironically ran out of it on christmas eve, super lucky!.

These items here are some of the lovely presents I got from my beautiful friend Michelle. She knows me super well and always picks out such lovely things! I know some of this ins't beauty but I thought I'd include it all.
I got some cute leopard print ear muffs, 3 defferent headbands (I alllllways wear headbands so fab pick from meesh), Clarins lipgloss and balm set, I'm in love with the nude balm! Clarins Au de Jarins perfume, moisturiser (which I love and will review), mini mascara and some serum. 

Then she got me these! 2 of my biggest loves, Liz earle cleanse and polish (giant size!) and eeeepp a mac christmas collection lipgloss set, and this goes to prove how well she knows me, she picked the coral/nude shades, which are totally me and the exact colours I'd pick out myself!.

I would have been happy with just these presents, but this is only beauty related things! I'll post other presents in separate posts.

Hope you got some lovely things, have you tried any of this?

Love to you all,


Pretty In Pink said...

lucky cow! i love the new york purse x

Beauty Balm said...

you got some amazing gifts x

BabyNat said...

Hey doll i have just came across your blog and i have read a couple of posts, i love your tattoos!! Also loving your christmas pressie haul, got lots of lovel pressies :) I am a massive tinkerbell fan & love your tink christmas pressie!! Do i see MUA pearl shade 3 in your christmas collection? I have got this shade & its amazing! Have you tried/used it yet? I will carry on reading your other posts!! Happy New Year doll!! xx