Friday, 30 December 2011

Chrismas Haul Part 2 - Cupcake Mania!

So here's the second installment of the wonderful gifts that I got this year.
One thing not many of you may now is that, I'm pretty mad about cupcakes, I love baking and anything cupcakes makes me fall in loooove, so I got alot of cupcake and baking related things this year as well :).

How adorable is this apron!!! My lovely friend Jenni got me is as part of my present, its soooo cute! The little cupcake trinket on it is one of the things my granny got me, she got me mainly clothing items including a cuuuuute raincoat, they'll feature in another post.

Finally I got one of those giant cupcake molds, wooo!. Cupcake sprinkle shakers from my little brother, silicone cases and how cute are those teacupcake things!!! Will be adorable for little friendly gatherings :)

A cupcake recipie book from my granny which is FAB, has some great ideas in it! Cupcake chocolates from my little brother, cupcake socks which were dads picking, and one of those folding shopper bags =].

Then I got this beast! I cupcake maker! In theory, its not solving much of a problem because you can just make cupcakes in the oven... but this is SO much cooler and it will keep them is much better shape as mine often slob everywhere in the oven.

So there you have it, the second installement, cupcake themed pressies :).

Lots of love,


Annie.n said...

oh my gosh, that cupcake maker will be so handy for you! xoxo

Victoria said...

Oh so sweet! you can be a cupcake queen now :D x

fashionismyh2o said...

You can never go wrong with cupcakes! Delicious!


Lola Loves said...

Love all the cupcake stuff, my family know I am obsessed so I got 2 cupcake mugs, a cupcake making kit, pipping bag and a diary. Ha x

Poppy Male said...

I am soo jelous of al the cupcake stuff you got for christmas :) i have such a cupcake obsession :D love it xxx

Yolandaas said...

wow that is soo cool.. never heard of something like that.. im following!

Summer said...

Ooooh so many cute things, you're a lucky girl! And I want to see some of the cupcakes you make with that thingy. :) x

Ichigo said...

this is cuteness <3