Thursday, 8 December 2011

Outfit planning for my evening at the Apollo!

I think I mentioned in another post about how much I loved Russell Kane.
If you wondering 'who on earth is that?' then please please please look him up. If you love him to, 1. I love you! 2. You cannot love him as much as me, so sorry ;).

 He's my favourite comedian  and has fairly recently took a little more rise to fame, he's appeared on shows such as Russell Howards good news, Comedy Rock with Jason Manford, Celebrity family foruntes, Chilren in need celebrity master mind, I'm a celebrity get me out of here now, live and the apollo and lots more! He won the Fosters Comedy award this year for his show 'Smoke screens and castles', which you can now get on dvd!

Well lucky me, and extremily excited me, is going to see him on Sunday at the Hammersmith Apollo. I have a pretty decent seat in the middle and only 11 rows from the front. I'm also seeing him on Monday, at the BBC studios so watch his new show show being filmed! Anyway the Apollo being a little bit more upmarket than being in the audience of a tv show, I thought I'd dress myself up nice for the occasion! Its quite common for a few celebrities to be the Apollo when comedians are performing and I do know that Gemma Collins from TOWIE is going to be there, not sure on anyone else, but hey, its nice to dress up anyway, but especially when you never know who you could bump into!

Sooooo.... after that leangthy introduction, heres what I plan to wear!
It may change if i decide on something else but I'll do a post on what I wore anyway :).

The dress I ordered from NewLook, I love it, had to get it in a size 6 though because they hadn't got any 8's in for ages, but because of the style of dress that it is, it fits fine :)

Tights are by House of Holland (love their tights) and i got them from tkmaxx for £5.

The lipstick pictured is Voiletta from Mac when it came out in the Venemous Villains collection. I'm not 100% sure if this is the lipstick I'm going to wear, but I do plan on wearing a dark bright purple/berry shade. By the way, in the picture of Voiletta, appears a bit brighter and slightly more 'crayon purple' than it appears in real life and on the lips, but you get the idea, its a bright deep purple lipstick! And if not this one, it will be one of my many other deep berry/purple shades that I have a thing for at the moment. I just think which such bright coloured tights (they're fairly sheer but they do stand out) that it needs a complimenting little pop of colour somewhere to complete the outfit and make it look right. And on the lips will be just fine!

The shoes pictures aren't exactly the same as mine, mine are the exact same style only in leather (faux). 
But you may have seen pictures of those shoes in a few other posts, they are my go to shoes lots of occasions! They are comfy, I can last a whole day in them before they start to ache and they look lovely! I'm a sucker for wedges!

Anyhoo's thats my little outfit planning.
Have you heard of Russell Kane, do you love him?
Do you plan outfits way ahead of time when your excited?
Let me know :)!


januarysublime said...

The dress is gorgeous and you'll look so chic with the lipstick too.
We always get over excited and start planning outfits way too early!

At least that way it is stress free!
JS xx

Tanesha-Marie said...

Lovely outfit! the tights and dress combo is really nice.

Tanesha x

Audrey said...

yeah that's cool girl!