Saturday, 24 December 2011

Have a Meowy Christmas!

Hello beautiful readers!
I'm aware once again I have been very absent, reasoning for this being as well as being a freelance make-up artist, I have also had a christmas job so that I can pay for nicer gifts for everyone.

I have LOTS of great posts for you all to come!
I have reviews of the december Carmine and Glossybox, my favourite products of the year AND I'll be doing a give away starting on new years eve! Just to tease you, my beautiful friend Michelle who works for clarins has kindly donated some products to put in my giveaway . I'm looking at having one main prize winner and 2 runner ups, so keep tuned for that!!!

Hope you have a wonderful christmas everybody, much love and posting will commence back to normal now :).

 Have some pictures of Russel Kanes cats getting festive ;).

Lots of love,


Alex said...

Merry Xmas hun!! :)

Beauty Balm said...

cute! hope you had a great Xmas xxx