Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy New Year :)

Happy New Year my lovlies!
We say it every year, but hasn't it gone quick!
I miraculously got better and my facial swelling from the silly wisdom tooth went down alot a few hours before going out! I planned that i wouldn't go out because of it, but it was nice that it calmed down so that I could :)

It ended up being such a lovely night, I went to a party for a couple of hours and then went into town to party, saw SO many of my lovely friends out, some who I hadn't seen in ages and I was such a happy night!
I'm awaiting some photos from my other friends which are better quality than mine. I really wish I had taken a picture close up of m make-up as it was lovely, I used the gold illamasqua liquid metal with a slight brown smoke in the crease and a cat eye effect liner, something very different to my usual smokey eye!

This is just a little phone picture taken of me and my beautiful friend Michelle before leaving to go to the party :). You can't really tell but the top of my dress is black and gold lacy floral, which is why I chose to go for the gold liquid metal =].

On another note, aside from having fun and living life, my new years resolution is to work hard in getting my freelance makeup business, dolly roger, the place I want it to be.
On that not I thought I'd like to share with you a couple of photos from a recent shoot I did as I am SO proud of the makeup I did for it :)!

Hope you had a fabulous time celebrating the New Year, and heres to wishing it's a great one for you all!
Lots of love,


pandaeyez said...

your outfit (and your friends) are both gorgeous! Your also an amazing make-up artists the cheeks on this model are amazing, really brings out her bone structure, hope you had a happy new year!!, Hollie xox

x-Makeup-Meoww-x said...

Awwww thankyou Hollie, thats a lovely comment! Happy new year to you to :).

Melanie Davies said...

You look gorgeous, I adore your outfit! And that model - WOW! xxx

Alex said...

Gorge make up. Well done!! X

Becks said...

Wow the model's make up looks great! :-)

Yolandaas said...

wow your soo talented! keep it up.. x