Friday, 21 October 2011

Early christmas shopping...for myself....

I was a bit naughty today, I initially took a wander into town to get a new charger for my macbook. It officially popped last night and wouldn't charge anymore :(. Annoyingly I had to pay £50 for a newone which could of gone on either towards a tattoo or got me a new dress or something, so boo to that however I couldn't bare having to use our windows computer its silly slow!

So the point of this post really, well last week I saw a beautiful blouse in newlook that I wanted, but being a bit of a skint flint lately I resisted.
I went back today tried it on, fell in love, rang mother dearest in the changing rooms asking her if I bought it she would kindly give me the money for it and store it away for christmas, which she agreed to.
I can't find this anywhere on newlooks website by the way, you'll have to hunt your stores but I think its new stock and its £16.99.

                          The only sad thing is waiting to christmas to be able to wear this beaut!.

This is very reminiscent of last year when I fell in love with this beaut of a jumper (i've just google image searched it and it came up with llymlrs blog, therefore i must have taste if she has it!) i begged and begged for it for xmas since I loved it and couldn't afford its £50 price tag and thanks to my granny i was a very happy girl opening it on christmas!

 On a very very sad note, on a recent trip to newcastle I left this jumper at costa, annoyingly saw it sat there as I departed on the train home, and lost property haven't picked it up so it was probably thieved, could have almost cried that was such a major staple in my wardrobe. So i'm currently bidding on a few on ebay haha! I cannot be without that jumper, its my love! I also lost my favourite laddered cardigan from republic, that i wore with everything, what is it with me losing my best knitwear!.

I can easily see this blouse being a staple in my wardrobe. I'll pair it with leggings, tucked into shorts, it will look FAB with my faux leather skirt, eeee can't wait!. Heres to hoping I don't lose it ;).
Gemma -x


Jazzy E (Hivenn) said...

Pretty jumper! I'm sorry about yours. x hivenn

Kate said...

Totally want to buy that blouse. I've seen that a few people have it now, it's so pretty :) x