Friday, 14 October 2011

I've Moved House!

So my theory of writing atleast a couple of blog posts a week totally failed. But I feel I am now up to the job! Its been a mad couple of months, I left my job at the hairdrssers to pursue my love for make-up and for now I am freelance but also hoping to get a part time job in something make-up related to earn some more cash to kickstart things for me. So in the mids of all that I've moved house, it had been planned for ages, still with my family, but the move date kept changing and the buyers kept putting it off leaving us with half a house of boxes and maddness for ages. They then decided to give us like 3 days notice of a move date! We were then still packing boxe's whilst the removal men were in the house taking everything out! I've now been in my new home for over a month and its been crazy, I only just got my wardrobe delivered this week but finally its starting to look less like box city and more like home. I love the house and my new room is slowly starting to take its character, I've gone for a modern retro rock and roll look, LOADS of union jack items, black red and white everywhere, lot of things all british, and lots of pictures and things to go on the walls, including my black and white crowns wall paper and framed vintage elvis picture, guitar mirrors and all things fancy. I will post pictures soon but I just thought I'd post to say I am here, I still read all the blogs on a daily basis and now I'm ready to pursue mine :)
Lots of love.
Gemma -x

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