Monday, 17 October 2011

Gloyybox October review

Oooooo look what I awoke to this morning! Thanks mr.postman!
Now I have actually been subscribed to glossybox since seeing the May launch of it broadcasted amongst numerous bloggers and instantly fell in love with the idea, so this is my 5th box. I wish I had started review thing from the beginning however I shall start with octobers edition :).
The theme for this months glossy box is 'Six Pack'. It's the 6th box that Glossybox have produced and they are giving you 6 items!
Now often these box's can be a bit hit and miss but I do feel they have upped the game, as so to speak, of recent. 
The first two products are from Dermalogica, a brand I'm sure many of you have heard of as it is constantly raved out. I've personally never tried anything from this brand however a little disappointed that received items from the Age smart range, I do think glossybox need to improve in the way of sending appropriate products to their customers, since people my age (teens to twenties) are not going to be suited to this type of product. They've given us an exfoliant (fullsised £40.50) and a mask (fullsised (33.00), the sample sizes are 15ml each, 75ml fullsised. I think I shall be passing these on to my mum to try.
Next up is a nail polish from a brand I have never heard of before, Leightin Denny Expert nails. This is a fullsised product and retails at £11. The shade is a beautiful shimmery deep orange with gold reflects and reminds me very much of a beloved barry M colour I own, so I shall definitely be making use of this. I've yet to try any of the products, but I shall give full reviews as soon as I have!

A product that I was very excited to see this stila smudge stick waterproof eyeliner. Again this is a fullsised product and retails at £13. I have swatched this already and its a beautiful olive green with subtle gold sparkles and its SUPER creamy. Again I shall do a full review of this soon. I've heard nothing but good things about stile liners!
The next item is something I know a lot of people sigh at when they receive in their beauty box's, perfume samples. However I was very pleased when I realised glossybox had in fact sent 3 samples as 1 product as opposed to 1 measly little sample that I know everyone gets quite toffee nosed at considering they are paying £10 a month plus p+p.
I'm normally never fussed for the perfume samples however unlike many others I really did love the Plum sample from septembers box. Now these scents are really unlike anything I've ever smelt before. They are each very complex, yet not overpowering like some of those perfumes you have to hold your nose to! All by Robert Piguet of Paris and are available fullsized at harrods for £65 for 50ml.
Now they all have very in-depth scent descriptions of their scents so i'll sum each one up a little more to the point.
Visa smells somewhat like a sweet white wine, with notes of pear, peach, rose, orange flower with a base of vanilla beans and patchouli. 
Calypso is described as bewitching and romantic and I'd have to agree, it's very floral with notes of geranium and manderin, rose, and has a base of patchouli and amber.
Fracas is my favourite, possible not to everyones taste but to me this just smells exactly like the scent of when you smell a fresh bouquet of flowers. Robert says, 'tuberose combines with jasmine, jonquil, gardenia, lily of the vally and iris in a lavish profusion of fragile white flowers.' This one is definitely going to be on my christmas list.
Now last up is the 6th product 'bonus' product i suppose you could call it, again its from dermalogica's age smart range 'sigh' if only the realised us 19/20 year olds don't have wrinkles to look after yet. Oh they also included a dermalogica make-up bag for good measure!
Now at first i turned my nose up at the tiny 1ml sample hidden in the packaging in its much larger bag however not so much when I realised that the fullsized product is only 1.75 ml its self and retails at £22.50, WOW, this little sample is worth about 15 smackers all on its own!!!
Now I may use this product or I may give it to my mum/granny, though I'm sure really sure how anti aging products on young skin can really do much damage, but its really not the best range to be using.

All in all, cudo's to you glossybox, this was quite a good month! I really hope you keep up the standards!
A little P.S, I might be dipping my toes into other monthy boxes to try and review so keep a look out for that!

Let me know your thoughts!
Gemma -x


blog-a-beauté said...

got exactly the same stuff as you! really loved this months box!

x-Makeup-Meoww-x said...

I agree, was very pleased with it! Its nice to see people have got the same things this month as well other than some getting different to others, I think its a lot fairer.

Alex said...

I got the same box too. The orange nail polish is growing on me. :)

AngieBeautyBelle said...

Love this box, probably my favourite of all the boxes i've seen, i wish i'd subbed now!! haha especially for the Leighton Denny, as a nail polish obsessive i'm gutted to have missed out!

Tali said...

I actually ended my subscription this week! I just felt like it was such a cop out to send 3 Dermatalogica samples.. instead of 3 different brands. Also I am 24.. and the products were all for wrinkles and age damaged skin. Not really fair! :(

x-Makeup-Meoww-x said...

@ Tali, I must admit they do need to improve on sending for their audience, I'm only 19 going on 20 and have no use for anti aging products either, though there is one avon cream I adore. And the vast majority of glossybox's market are young bloggers, so a big fail on that part. I shall keep subbed however i'm drawn more towards carmine after recieving their box thismorning! Also thanks for your comment, your blog is one of my favourites and I've been subscribed for ages :)