Sunday, 30 October 2011

Halloween weekend and my carmine competition prizes!

Hello lovelies, I've had a pretty crazy weekend, hope everyone else has been celebrating halloween and getting their ghoul on!
I had a friends 21st party on friday to go to (unfortunately not dress up) and a halloween party then night out on saturday, having a well needed rest today!

What a way to kick of the weekend though when my prize goodies arrived on friday!
Heres what I got :)!

Firstly, how cute is this little handwritten note! I love things like this :)!

The box of goodies came beautifully packaged in a carmine box, and i was so excited to open it!
I was pretty overwhelmed with all the lovely products inside!
I got 4 sets of lashes, 4 2true nail polishes, 2 of which are crackle effect, a glitter liner, Trevor Sorbe volumising dry shampoo and eeee wait for it New <ID i-pout and eye shadow quad! I can't begin to tell you how much I fell in love with those!

Starting with the lashes WOWIE what a beautiful selection, whoever chose these did such a good job, they are stunning! I wore the bottom Ardell pair to my friends 21st party, and they stayed on till the morning so I woke up with lovely dolly eyes instead of looking tired or horrible! I can't wait to try the others!

These are the polishes and the liner :) It was lovely to get such a selection, the glitter crackle polishes are going to look so lovely on a night out! I forgot that i tested all of these out on 4 fingers of one hand and spent the whole halloween weekend looking silly with one hand polish free the other with 4 oddball fingers, but hey I can rock it ;). The liner is so glitter pigmented as well so super pleased with that, i've had so many glitter liners that disperse about 3 flecks of sparkle per swipe of the applicator! This one is FULL of bling, perfect :).

I can't begin to tell you my reaction when i opened these shadows! Literally the most beautiful quad I've ever owned in my life, and I looove me some eye shadows so thats quite a statement! The two sparkly shades are beautiful. I also used this quad to wear at my friends 21st party, it got a bit boozy and I forgot to take pictures but I'll do a separate post for it because this was my favourite item from the whole box :)! The pigment is divine and they're so creamy and blend like a dream. Also, the quality if of the little applicators you get are very good! Especially the bottom one, they're totally usable unlike more freebie applicators so what a lovely bonus!.

Look at this amazing lipstick!
Firsly WOW what a hot shade of red! Perfect pillar box shade but it packs a punch, its bright but super wearable, I either love really dull plain dude lips or bright look at me colours so this one definitely suits me! How cool is the light? The idea being I could be on a night out and wouldn't need to even nip to ladies room to touch up, because this also has a mirror on its case! What a fab nifty little beauty gadget!
Also this being from the New ID range, I actually had my photos taken at one of their studios for my 18th birthday, they hadn't developed all of these products at the time though so wow they have come a long way!.

Lastly, and I love this, is the volumising dry shampoo. This has to be I think one of if not the best dry shampoo I've ever had, and I have tried just about all of them. It smells nice, doesn't leave your hair feeling dull or powdery, and darn right it gives you lots of volume, I love it!.

Thank you SO so much carmine, this was a lovely prize box and I'm more than happy with absolutely everything :).

A quick little bit about hallowen last night (well for me because heck i'm not going out on a monday!), I had to do a friends make-up, which in turn made me a bit late getting ready for the party and night out, I lost my fake blood (so to save time turning my room upside town looking I made my own using glycerine, food colouring and flour), had no time do to prosthetics, and was basically in a big ol massive rush! I opted to be a zombie bunny girl, but sadly someone at the party stole my ears before I even got into town so I ended up being a plain ol zombie! I'm a pretty gutted i didn't have time to do everything I wanted with the costume and make-up, but I managed to whip up something half decent up! Here's a couple of snaps! 

Gutted that you can't see the lashes very well in the photos, I had big glittery spiderweb lashes that I got for a bargain £1.50 from clintons, they looked fab!

Hope you've all had an amazing weekend and are enjoying the halloween spirit, have you done anything  nice? Let me know! And once again thank you so much carmine for the fabulous competition and my amazzzzzing prizes! :D
Please check them out, I honestly think they are the best beauty box out there, I'm not just saying that either, the company reply to your facebook comments and tweets, read and thank your reviews, their blog and website is fantastic and they really are connecting well with their customers, well done carmine!
Gemma -x


Beauty Balm said...

what a lovely prize, well done again! Thanks for sharing it with us! x

Monday Receptionist said...

Oh wow what an amazing prize!x

Emma said...

Wow!! What a great prize!! Lucky you :)

Em x

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AHhh you're so lucky! What an awesome prize. Definately deserved it!

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Thank you so much guys, and sure thing soph :).