Friday, 4 November 2011

On the lust list

Current loves on the lust list at the moment.
This cross skirt is from topshop and is currently out of stock, boo! I hope they get it back in because I'm pretty obsessed with any cross clothing/jewlery items!

This coat is from dorothy perkins, I tried this on a whim yesterday in the shop and it just fitted so perfectly, snug and nicely fitted, its like barbour but with better shape. Deffinately need to get this for the coming winter months.

This wine coloured dress is from this ebay seller here. Its such a bargain, at first I was drawn to the black (I live in black), then I noticed the pretty wine colour so I think I'm going to order it, its a total bargain at just less than a tenner! 

Ahhhh lets all just ohh and ahh over this beaut for a few monents, okay. Done?
I first saw this brousing on asos just over a week ago, then I spotted the purple version on Caroline Flack  last saturday on the xtra factor! I love her style so to see this dress on her gave me an extra kick to want it even more, however its £65 and not the cheapest BUT its beautiful so its for sure on my xmas list!

This lets party top is from urban outfitters. I'm a deffinate rock and roll chick at heart, anything cross, skull, studded, black or music related totally steals my heart. I love this top so much, its a hefty £28 however, my most favourite and most worn item of clothing of ALL TIME is from urban outfitters and also was £28. I'm going to be talking about this item in an upcoming post on my most worn 'staple' items, so keep a look out.

This top is also from urban outfitters, also has a pretty heft price tag, but hey ho, its my favourite place to shop (online sadly as we don't have one near me), i literally love everything they come up with. Me loving my crosses and 'rad' being pretty much my most used word, this top is a must for me.

Eeeeeep these shoes!. I really should get them quick they're in the sale for about less than £25. As i mentioned, I'm sucker for anything studded, my general style is to pair feminine with edge, and what does that more than these shoes?

The following items are also from the same ebay seller i mentioned before, the scarf is a meer £1.99! What! For a start i don't know what I've yet to own one of these scarfs! 

The jumper is just over a tenner and would be adorable for winter!

I love me some 'wet' or 'leather' look items, this dress could be toned done for the day with some patterened tights and chunky boots or converce with some winter accesories or glammed up with some killer wedges for the evening.

 I also love this tiger print dress, I love leopard print but this is just something cute and a bit different (the dress is available in various colours and prints).The ebay seller chargers only £3.50 total postage if you order more than 2 items. I'm so going to have to have a little splurge because theres a few more items on there that I'm lusting after!.

Are any of these items needed in your wardrobe? What are you currently lusting after and is there anything you think I might love?



Beth said...

i can't believe the wine coloured dress is less than a tenner! xxx

januarysublime said...

That red dress is gorgeous!! Love the colour! JS xx

Memory Lane said...

Love The 1st Skirt! :D

andaemond said...

all of that awesomee :D
love the 1st skirt
i've follow ur blog,mind to follow back ?