Sunday, 1 January 2012

Coco before Chanel

I have to write this whilst its fresh on my mind. I'd been meaning to watch the film Coco before Chanel for such a long time, but would always forget. I was super happy to get the film for christmas and have just finished watching it.
Now I wouldn't normally do a DVD review on here, but this has earnt its place on my blog and I feel its something many of you would really love. Its all about the life of Coco before she entered the fashion world, infact there only a very tiny peice at the end of the film in which you see her enter her career, the film is based on everything before that, focusing in detail on her personal life.

Now when I first put the film on, I was a bit gutted to see it was all in French with English subtitles, I usually don't tend to get on with foreign films as I can't get in to it when I'm reading subtitles, however, how wrong I was. Infact the French actually enhanses the film and makes it feel even more authentic and I have never been so gripped in a film and not wanted it to end! 

You really find out so much about her life, a little bit about her childhood and how that affected her, lots about her social and love life and obviously you pick up little things that make you think WOW thats the Chanel we all recognise in the modern world, and you then begin to peice together everything and see how she became what Chanel is today. 

The acting is truely superb, Audrey Tautau, who plays Coco does an excellent job you really do feel like your watching the real coco back in time, its phenomenal.

I won't give to much away about what happens, because its a beautful film and I wouldn't want to spoil it for anyone who wants to watch it.

I really do recommend this film, it has the elegance of Keira Knightly period film with the added bonus of all the fashion references, and you really see how the beginings of the brand become and how it got its iconic colours and shapes etc.

Didn't expect to love this film as much as this, but I'm now well and truely inspired and want to try and find some books about her :)

Have you seen this film, if so what did you think of it?
Lots of love,


Poppy Male said...

No i havent seen this film yet but I really really wanna watch it, it look amazing. I may have to buy this tomorrow :) cute blog xx

Ichigo said...

i saw it very chic i love that kind of movies, i enjoyed their lifestyle <3