Thursday, 12 January 2012

To cute to use?

I made a BIG order on urban outfitters not so long ago and my things came yesterday WOO! Still deciding on what to keep and if I need to send anything back.

But one thing I got which I thought you guys would love to see are these lipsticks!

I can't remember the original price of these because they've now sold out, but I think it was £20.
I picked them up for a bargain £5!

How gorgeous are these! They remind me so much of the Paul and Joe lipsticks, only these are meant to be owls. 

Anyway, the colours are gorgeous as well as the cute product packaging, but I can't bare to use them!
They just seem to cute and adorable to use and ruin!

Have you ever had a product that you feel like you can't use because you don't want to wreck its prettiness and aesthetic appeal? 

Lots of love,


Beauty Balm said...

They are so cute and lovely colours x

Dragon Mommy said...

Aww they are adorable!

Holli x

Tamsin said...

Those lipsticks are actually too cute! xx

Wida said...

Yes that is way too cute to use! I would store them somewhere safe forever!

Missing Amsie Blog

Carissa said...

These are so cute! I wouldn't want to use them either!!
Carissa xx

Vanilla Crush Blog

Emily Has Dimples x said...

These are sweet! I know that if I bought a Paul and Joe cat lipstick I physically wouldn't be able to use it, haha! Xx

Yolandaas said...

Thanks for the comment and these are reaaally cute... ! x

Vicky said...

Ohhh these are sooo cute, I wouldn't be able to use them haha xxx