Tuesday, 17 January 2012

The smell of cupcakes...

I had been on the hunt for a while for this product! Well, not this particular one, anything that fitted its description, but came across this baby first.

There is a small outlet village about 20 minutes from where I live, I actually bought this about 2 months ago, but felt that I needed to share it with you all because its gorgeous.

Basically the hunt started when I walked into a home furnishings store and it smelt like cakes, I asked an assistant if it was a special plug in that they were using, but in fact they were actually just baking cookies as a promo at the back of the shop! That would have been a big YAY for everyone else, but for me, I wanted the bottle of what ever that smell was so that my room could smell like a bakery! So since then I'd been on the hunt for something that would do it!

(yes thats Elvis in the picture, my room has a rock n roll theme and i bought it at the boot sale for a bargain)

I found this candle in a home store outlet shop (not the one i was originally in) and my face filled with joy when I smelt it and realised it was what I'd be after! It smelt SO much like cakes, not a fake cake smell, like it was a REAL cake. Its adorable and has cute little faux sprinkles on top!

I love burning this in my room, I do wish it would smell a bit stronger and fill the room, however my mum can smell as soon as she walks in my door so maybe its just me! The hunt hasn't ended, and I don't think it ever will. I will always long for more things to make my room smell of cakes, without having made any effort to make any!

For those interested, I found it on the internet here. It is in euro's but I believe you can still purchase it over here.
 Is this to sickly sweet for you, or would love a product like this?
Lots of love,


Lucy said...

love your blog and so I'm forwarding the Liebster blog award to you

AmyBeth said...

I bet this candle smells so good! Love your bloig! Now following!


Beauty Balm said...

This candle looks really nice! I love sweet scents x

Lipgloss Lily said...

Ugh I would LOVE this candle! Think I'll be purchasing <3

Dragon Mommy said...

I love candles that smell of sweet things like cakes and chocolate, same with shower gels and body lotions :-)

Holli x

Dragon Mommy said...

I just typed cupcake cafe into ebay and found these...


They do tiramisu and sugared raspberry scented! Sold out of the one you have though :-(

Holli x

Alex said...

that sounds delicious... literally!!! :)
love the wee sprinkles on top! x

Beth said...

I would love something like this! Good to hear it doesn't smell fake, and the sprinkles on top are a really nice touch xx

AngieBeautyBelle said...

WOW! i love sweet smells like this so i'd be in my element!! You'd really like Christmas Cookie from Yankee Candle :)


AmyBell said...

That sounds actually amazing, I'll need to get my hands on one of those! xx

Jenifer said...

Oh gosh! I'd end up eating it! :) :) x


Cherry said...

This looks and sounds lovely!

Emma D said...

ooooooooo im gonna check this out, it sounds so delicious and the yankee ones only come out around christmas :( !!

x-Makeup-Meoww-x said...

Thanks for the suggestions guys! I'll deffo be checking out ebay and the yankee ones!