Saturday, 7 January 2012

Illamasqua sale bargains!

I don't know how many of you are aware, but illamasqua have had a FANTASTIC sale on recently, with items from £5! It's very rare for beauty brands to have any kind of sale at all, the most you'll usually get is by hunting at outlet stores, maybe a 10% off code here and there for department stores, christmas sets occasionally on offer, but thats usually as far as it goes, very rarely does a brand have and actual full on sale! So when illamasqua, a brand I've adored and followed since its very beginning launch a couple of years ago, has a sale, I was straight in there! I love the brand and have quite a few of their products, one of my all time favourites being the liquid metals.
I really wish I could have bought every single thing on there! Sadly as bargainous as it is, it does all add up, and I simply cannot afford to get everything, (though I do think I'll be making another order before the sale ends, and I don't know when that is).

Here are my picks from the sale :) Everything I got was down to £5 minus the lipstick which was £7.50. Some of my choices may seem odd, but please bare in mind that I am a makeup artist, so the 'out there' products are a god send to me, and almost little a little toy I get to play with :)!.

I really was spoilt for choice when it came to lashes, as much as I wanted every single pair, I had to narrow my choices. I chose these 3 based on my current collection and what I had been looking for and don't have in my collection. The top pair are a design that I've been wanting for a while, the second pair I bought based in mind of a shoot that I've had idea for, and the 3rd pair look like a perfect dupe for the Mac Hello Kitty lashes that came out a few years ago, I do own these lashes, but sadly due to lots of wear, they are now a bit past their time. 

I have 5 cream shadows here, my mum has also chosen me a few shades for my birthday as she knows how much I wanted more of them. They are a mix of satin and sheen finishes. Cream shadows are fabulous for a base under eye powder shadows to create a bolder and longer lasting finish, but they can also have a pretty slightly glossy finish sometimes when used on their own, which looks beautiful for photography in shoots. I've had a little play with these, the consistency is great and they are lovely to work with, I will do a review soon when I've had a more time to play with them.

I think that these are my favourite purchase of the bunch. Chunky pencil liners. They are SO creamy and well pigmented, and the colours are gorgeous, there is also a silver available but I have quite a few silver pencils I didn't warrant getting another, as tempting as it is now because the formula of these is fab.
The colours are so beautiful, they remind me of the colours that the Olson twins wear on their eyes, which is one of my favourite looks, so I'll get a ton of use out of these! Photo's do not do any of these products justice.

Last up is a lipstick, I've included two photos because it was hard to capture the true colour of this lipstick, it's not accurate in either photo, more like a middle ground of the two, however it is a bright hot orange, theres no mistaking that. But come summer this colour is going to be all over our magazines and catwalks, its a colour that always looks very beautiful and striking in shoots, and one that I lacked anything like in my collection.

I do plan on grabbing more form this sale before it goes, I have my eye on a few other things. 
Have you check out any of the illamasqua sale? Have you tried any of their products before?

Lots of love,


Anna said...

very nice post ^^

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Phoebe Limanta said...

I LOVE Illamasqua's products! Nice Haul hun :)

EverythingBeautiful said...

Ahhh I was on their site today lookin at them! Didnt see the lashes tho :(, Gettin some lipsticks too I love them! xxx

BDP said...

Isn't sangers just a delicious colour!? YUM!

I've awarded you the Versatile Blogger Award because I love the way you write!

Ichigo said...

nice items <3