Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Makeup goes Meow!

From the name of my blog it may come as no surprise to know that two of my favourite things are makeup and cats. In which case, I believe this to be the most appropriate post I've ever publish on this blog to date.

Paul and Joe have been a brand I've admired for quite sometime, from their elaborate cute packaging, to the quirky collections and kitsch colours.

Well this year they're celebrating their 10 year anniversary, and being cat loves like myself, they're doing in purrrrrrrfect style.

Check out these gorgeous products!

The collection is set out in 2 halves, the Collection Sparkles and the Kitty collection. Sparkles, is shown in the top photo with the eyeshadow palettes and paw print lipsticks. Kitty collection is the below photo, this also contains a cute pressed powder with a paw print puff, and a gel liner to get those cat eyes!

This 10 year anniversary collection is currently available on Asos, and in a few stores. It launches to Harrods on the 25th.

 Another kitty trend thats got me lusting are the Charlotte Olympia 'Kitty' heels. 
These were spotted on the beautiful Alexa Chung at the British Fashion awards. 

They also come in a gorgeous wedge form, which are right up my street!

Sadly at between 500 and 650 british pounds a pop, I very much doubt I will be walking the streets in these, but the search is on for a good dupe!

What do you think of the current kitty craze, will you be getting your paws on anything?
Lots of love,


BDP said...

I love my cat, but I always shy away from buying stuff with cats on, lest my friends think I'm a mad cat lady!!!!!!

Shelly said...

Cute Shoes!!! I defo think the high street will dupe these! x
Secrets Of A Trolley Dolly.

georgia said...

That collection is SO CUTE! Love it

AngieBeautyBelle said...

I am a self confessed crazy cat lady so obviously i want ALL OF IT!! haha

Lucy said...

hahaha this collection was made for you :)

Lainey LuLu said...

Irregular Choice Cheese on Toast are great dupes - I love Irregular Choice - found these for £45 in the sale but google for better bargains! xx

Beauty Fiend said...

this is too cute!