Monday, 9 January 2012

Origins Vitazing Review

If you saw my post on the beauty items I got for christmas, you may remember how excited I was about receiving a box of Origins products!

I had been after vitazing for so long but never took the plunge to buy it.
I'm now left wondering why I didn't!

This products is outstanding! Now, if you don't know the concept behind vitazing, its meant to be this miracle moisturiser with lots of top ingredients including the much sought after mangosteen. It's an energising moisturiser and has spf 15. But theres one thing about this product that makes it worth the rave...
The fact that it can double as tinted moisturiser! 

This by no means has any sort of coverage to it at all, I won't cover any blemishes, but it will even out your skin tone, give it vitality and radiance, and make it look like you got all the hours sleep you needed! Origins describe it as giving you a look that, 'mimics a week on holiday' and I really do believe it sort of does do that! 

The product comes out as your average white creamy moisturiser.

When you start to blend, you can begin to see it get a slight colour.

As you blend further, it becomes a gorgeous flesh tone.

Then once completely blended, it gives the skin a beautiful subtle hint of colour, and leaves you with a fresh, dewy and bright finish! 

Obviously the process of blending it into your skin takes seconds, I've just shown you the process broken down so you can get an idea of how the product works.

I honestly cannot recommend this enough. It's the perfect product if you're running late or just need to nip out somewhere but want to look a bit more bright. It really does make your skin look fabulous! I can pop this on in a minute, and feel totally fine to leave the house. I also use this under foundation sometimes, it means that my skin tone is even, therefore I only need the tiniest bit of foundation for perfect coverage. I also sometimes wear this as my foundation! Its undetectable to the eye that you have anything on, yet it really just perfect your skin! 
Obviously I wont be using this on its own if I have any blemishes, when your skin is being good it really is the perfect product!

Its pretty pricey at £26 a tube, but I feel it will last a good while, and it does a decent enough job to warrant its price tag. 

Have you tried Origins vitazing? Or perhaps theres another product from the brand you love? Let me know your thoughts!
I shall also be reviewing the ginzing eyecream and overnight face mask very soon :)

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kirstyb said...

love origin products thanks for sharing x

Life's Pretty Visions said...

Would love to try this! :)


Babe Jane said...

Sounds interesting :)

Bonnie said...

This stuff sounds awesome! Origins products are usually pretty great.
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Dragon Mommy said...

Hey :-) what size are your iron fist wedges?

Holli x

Hannah. said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog sale, I have emailed you about the elf foundation! :)

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