Saturday, 19 November 2011

Carmine Novemember review!

I was excitedly woken up today by my mum who had kindly answered the door the postman with my carmine box!
Most of you who read my blog will know how much I love and rave about this company. The first box was amazing and their customer service and interaction is fantastic. 
I was not dissapointed at all!
Unlike Glossybox, who's first box was amazingly good and second one failed to live up to the standards, and don't even mention their novemeber box, which I have yet to recieve but am not looking forward to, you'll see why soon enough...carmine has done a fab job again!. 

One of the things I love about carmine, is how make-up heavy they are!. In both box's they have been more make-up focused which with the main audience of beauty box's being beauybloggers, we love a bit of make-up! So well done carmine! 
 Lets have a look at the products then shall we?

First up is the Lulu's Time bomb fashback night cream.
Despite being an antiaging product I'm excited to use this! I actually really love antiaging facecreams, I find they smooth out my skin and make it feel more taught. Not that I need to be usuing this kind of product at the ripe age of 19, but it's not doing any harm ey! Its £30.74 for 45ml and £9.50 for 15ml which is the size received in the box.

Next is the fabulous ipout! This retails at £15 from New <ID cosmetics, it comes compete with a built in mirror on the base of the lipstick and a light! I got one of these lipsticks in a red shade in my carmine competition prize box!. Its a pretty slightly frosted pink, I swatched it once on my hand its fairly sheer which I like, its not as bright as it appears here in the picture infact its relatively subtle. 

Next is Nicola Roberts Dainty Dolly eyeliner in shade 004 Shake your tail feather. My camera was being a silly billy and wouldn't capture the colour on the end of pencil. Its a beautiful teal colour. Only problem is, loving that colour so much, I have about 5 other pencils that colours and really don't need anymore, so if you recieved a different colour, I'm open to swap :). It retails at £10.

Next is Neom organic body lotion, this was featured in Bazaar's beauty top 100!. It retails at £23.50 for 240 ml and I received a 50ml sample. I love organic products, this has a very similar scent to the hand cream I got in the last carmine box, which was also organic, very aromatherpy like. 

Last but certainly not at all least. Is my favourite product of the bunch! Brow ink by the amazing Cosmetics A La Carte'. The retails at £22. I swatched this on my hand and though its beautiful, it is slightly to dark for my hair colouring, the colour I got was taupe, if anyone recieved the lighter version and would like to swap please please lt me know!.

I absolutle love this brand! If you haven't tried carmine, I really, reccomend them, for £10 a month plus p&p its the same as glossybox and In my oppinion much better, if glossybox don't up their game very soon, I may be unsubscribing!

Expect a glossybox november post sometime soon!.
Hope your all having a fabulous weekend :)!


sammycx said...

this looks so good, i have glossybox but fancy a change! you have some fab products here :)

kirsty said...

I've literally just subscribed to Carmine! I was subscribed to Glossybox but this months really pushed me to unsubscribe, after for me, the last three boxes been awful.
Can't wait to receive this though, from the reviews I would definately use these products a lot more then the ones I got in Glossybox! xx

Nicole ♥ said...

Here in Italy the only box of this kind is Glossybox! I just reviewed the first italian one and I expect to have the next one in a few days: sooo excited :)

Thank you for following me :)