Thursday, 10 November 2011

A weather appropriate fashion fix!

A little bit of different, light hearted post :)
Now this actually happened a couple of months ago! But I came across the picture today and thought I'd do a little post about it!.
It was mid august and I went to London to watch the xfactor boot camp being filmed. It was filmed in two sessions, morning and afternoon. I was in the afternoon session, however they were running late. Unlucky for us, it decided to rain, and I really mean rain... it proper stormed, it was the worst weather I've ever been caught in for atleast a year or 2! But because the arena was still full with the first audience, we couldn't go in, we waited about 4 or 5 hours in this mega storm untill they told us to find somewhere to take shelter and get a bite to eat for half hour then come back.
There were only 3 shops near, Mcdonalds, JD sports or Lidl...
We opted to go to lydl and get some binbags! Now let me tell you, that shop was crazy, people were rushing in there like it was aid for a world desaster. People in there buying new shoes, getting pjamas because they were soaked through, getting changed in the middle of the shop, buying food, blankets towls, (they sold a hello kitty blanket and the arena was full of people with them by the time we got in). Me and my friend Kate got some bin bags and took a couple of clear grocery bags as well. This was our little concoction!

As you can see we did our best to make them look as fashionable as possible ;)
I shorted mine, tried to make it into a binbag LBD, complete with of the shoulder sleeves and a grocery bag bow belt haha!

We got lots of giggles and compliments on our fashionable plastic! I think it was one of those days where it was so rediculous you just have to laugh at it and make the most :'). So many people had left the  queue after it started tipping it down, and they missed out on a fab day! Quitters ;).

Have you ever done anything like this before? 
And who do you tip to win the xfactor? I'm so upset that frankie left! *waits for tomatos and toilet roll to be thrown at me*



Madison's Assortment said...

I tried to make a binbag LBD before! Love yours :)
  Madison's Assortment

Ida Yusnilawati said...

gorgeous blog ;)
love it

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hahaha this is so cool