Tuesday, 15 November 2011

The Ebay game

I feel so naughty for not posting anything for a few days! I just wasn't feeling inspired and honestly, I just don't want to put out any posts without my full efforts and backing in it. However today I want to share with you something I do allllll the time, and I like to call it the ebay game.

Basically this game involves winning some darn good bargains, and heres my little rules on how I get them, this is a more fun, different way of shopping on ebay, as long as not looking for a really spesific thing :)

You can set your self a budget if you wish, I normally set myself a bedget of £4 and see what I can get for under £4 including postage! I've had many 99p bargains and many things for under £3 including postage so it can easily be done! And with some beautiful items as I'll show you in just a moment :).

Step1: Choose an item!

This could be anything, fancy a new skirt, shorts, dress? Just type in for example 'dress' and simply dress alone.

Step2. Change your settings to 'low to high +p&p'.

This way your getting the cheapest bargains coming up and you won't be cheated into seeing a gorgeous dress you think is 99p but has like £10 postage on it....

Step3. Brouse :) 

This is where it gets fun and its a little like carbootsales, charity shops etc. You have no idea what you'll find, but there will be gems amoungst the tat! Being so generic you'll get lots come up, but not everyone labels their items very well so less people will see them, these are usually the best bargains! Find what you want and WAIT don't place a bid just yet....

Step4. 'Watch' the item!

This is vital for getting the item at a bargain price, you don't want to bid straight away and end up in a bidding war with someone upping the price before its nearly ended! By watching the item, you can check how its doing and gives you change to snipe your bargain last minute.

Step5. Snipe!

Wait until the very last minute before bidding, personally i bid in the last 20/30 seconds, but i'll bid my maximum, that way if someone goes to bid a few seconds after me, they will be outbid, and if they go to bid again, because its in the last seconds, the auction will have closed before they have the chance!. However if you're worried you'll miss out or you can't be online at the time of the auction see my final cheat step.

Step6. Optional hepful cheat!

There are a few websites that will automatically bid for you in the very last seconds, you enter the item number and they'll do it for you! It costs normally a few pence! The website i use if i want to do this, is Esnipe!

I'm not sure if I'm the only person that plays ebay this way (I say play because to me usuing it like this is like a little game and makes it more fun). Another way to do it is to view by 'ending soonest' and try and see what you can find and snipe last minute :)

Heres 2 of my favourite ebay game purchases.

This dress cost me a meer £3! I love it, worn it on a couple of nights out and always gets compliments!

This is my favourite bargain I think, it cost me £3.25 and its from the kate moss range at topshop and i believe retailed at something like £70? Its gorgeous and I love it so much :)

Sorry the photo's aren't the best, I searched my pictures for me wearing things from 'the ebay game' and this is all i could find, that showed the items clearly anyway.

I love shopping this way, its fun, it doesn't break the bank, and you can get some fab items, its really very satisfying :)

Are you going to have a go at the ebay game? What are the best bargains you have ever snagged?


Miss_Krystle said...

I love Ebay! I buy tons of stuff from there! :)

Dragon Mommy said...

Hey :-)
I have chosen you to win the versatile blog award...


Oh and i love the outfits! Ebay is great, i always check there before i go shopping.

Holli x


Love that dress!
Claudia xxx

Yolandaas said...

great outfit.. im a new follower x

Heather said...

Great bargains! a much funner way of shopping :D xxxx


Ekaete said...

Can you believe I have never bought anything from eBay? I may just use your game to get me started!

Great dresses!

Ekaete xx

x-Makeup-Meoww-x said...

@Ekaete eeee really! Its so addictive but you spend only pennies, do it, so so fun :)!

Samantha Malkin said...

Nice, hubby is working today and its cold out - so I might just play the game this afternoon :-)