Tuesday, 8 November 2011

One of the best magazine freebies ever?

Today I impulse bought a magazine, saw it had a free lipgloss to, cosmopolitan, fancied a read, can't go wrong.

Got home to find it also came with free cadbury fingers, a bodyshop giftcard with either £3 £15 or £100 to spend on it, and a booklet of little coupons and offers one of which being £5 off if you spend £20 more at body shop, so conbining that with the gift card, what a deal!. 

Also this lipgloss is GORGEOUS!

Its a lip rock lipgloss, by the company nail rock. Look how pigmented it is! This is in the shade garnet and these pictures do not it any justice at all, its a deep blood red with gold sparkles running through it, it not to sticky but sticky enough that it will stay put. Deffinately one of the most pigmented glosses that I own for sure, its not far of the sleek pout paints!.

Heres a look at what it looks like on me, just a cheeky webcam shot.
And ladies remember this is a lipGLOSS look at the colour it packs on! I have nothing underneith it either!

Have you blagged cosmopolitans freebie this month? If so what do you think, if not, are you going to go and grab a copy?



The Style Rawr said...

Okay, now I want to go out and grab Cosmo STAT! They can thank you for that ;)

J x

Jen Umm said...

i bought 3 copies lmao
one to cut up, one to read and one to give away :P

Georgie said...

I'm definately getting this tomorrow! Can't go wrong with free make-up, chocolate & vouchers!

Georgie <3


x-Makeup-Meoww-x said...

@the style rawr, no problem ;) its far to good to pass up and I cannot get over the lipgloss!

@jen, haha good call! Its such a good deal!.

@georgie, I know right!!! chocolate make-up and vouchers, girls best trio is it not?!


Pretty In Pink said...

have you traded in your bodyshop card yet? mine was £3, so i went and got a lipbalm for a quid :P

x-Makeup-Meoww-x said...

Nope! Literally only just got it tonight after a bit of a wander in tesco's haha, I'm going to take mine in with the £5 off when you spend over £20 so if its £3 and i spend £20 I should get it for £11, bargain!.

Xuan said...

oOohh, that color is gorgeous!! Gotta try to find it now.

Ashley said...

THAT COLOR ! SO amazing on you ! Really perfect to spice up any winter outfit x

Beauty Balm said...

the colour is amazing! wish I'd picked that one up! I got £3 off with my body shop card - every little helps I guess! x

Tina said...

I bagged the glamour nails inc freebie this month.

That lipgloss is tempting!! x

Dragon Mommy said...

I need to go buy this magazine! That lipgloss looks amazing!

Holli x

Becky said...

I almost bought this the other day - I hope that I am not too late. Have you seen Glamour this month, for £2 you get a Nails Inc full size polish worth £11 I bought 4 mags just to get all 4 colours. Some great freebies around at the mo.

Becky (new follower)

AngieBeautyBelle said...

oh wow wow wow!! I'm picking this up definitely :D


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