Monday, 7 November 2011

Its a long way to the top if you want to be a make-up artist...

I just thought I'd make a post for anyone who's interested in becoming a make-up artist, and introduce you to my freelancing business that I've recently set up, and how I've been going about doing it.

I've had so many different jobs, and never been satisfied, I was always doing freelance make-up on the side for fun, little projects for friends etc, the last employed job I had was at a hairdresses a few months ago, I thought I might like to give it a try and took on an apprenticeship. The good thing about it was that the company was very fashion forward and always in the media, local and nationally, the owner of the salon was regularly featured in top selling magazines and even managed to land the front cover of hairstyles only. At the interview I mentioned my little bit of make-up freelancing and they thought I'd be able to help them out with future shoots and events. This was a massive oppotunity for me as I got to showcase my make-up skills on a mucb larger scale than I did before. Unfortunately or fortunately howerver you wish to look at it, after a couple of months at the salon, I decided it wasn't for me, I was far more interested in doing make-up for their events and photoshoots than I was learning about hair, the salon staff could see it to, therefore we made a mutual decicion that it was best for me to part ways with them and focus on my career in the beauty industry. 

Shortly after I started to work on building my portfolio and getting out there as a freelancer. Working at the salon really helped me as others got to see my work and I've since had several hairdressers from other prestigious salons ask me to do make-up work for them. 

I more recently started branding my freelance so it would look more proffessional and give it more interest. I came up with the name Dolly Roger and my friend designed me a fantastic logo for it, which I can't thank him enough for because I adore it!

You will now notice this button at the side of my blog, it links to Dolly Roger's facebook page where you can acces some of the work that I've done and see whats going on with what I'm doing. I also post some of my blogposts on their so the facebook fans can see whats going on in the beauty world that they might like to hear about.

Heres a few examples of work that I've done.

It's takes such hard work and dedication to make it in the make-up and fashion industry, I was lucky enough to get some contracted freelance working doing fashion styling for debenhams and tkmaxx last year. I can't say I've 'made it' yet but I'm working my darn hardest, it doesn't earn you hardly any money to start with and you will have to do lots of work for free to build up you portfolio, but if its want you want to do, I urge everyone to go out there and do it! I'm currenrly trying to find a part time job for extra funds whilst I build up my freelancing. Find clients, use your friends and family, do DIY photoshoots, ask students if they need an artist, do as much as you can, then when you've build up some work, start planning and promoting yourself as an artist, use your name or make-up a business name like I did and get promoting it.
If you have it in your heart and have the tallent you can do it!.
You don't 'have' to have a qualification. I did media production at college and learnt the other side of what goes on, but all my money from part time jobs went on building my kit and going to london once a month to mac pro and other pro stores talking to amazing artists and learning from them. I've learnt so much from the blogging and youtube world over the years as well! As long as you have the talent and a great portfolio and personality, you can go far, it just takes time and lot of dedication :).

Hope this was helpful or intering to any of you!
If you would like to check out Dolly Rogers page and possibly 'like' it, click here. Or you can click on its button at the side of my blog.

Good luck to anyone who wants to venture into the make-up world, I'm still working hard trying haha :').


Beauty Fiend said...

Thanks for that post. I'm currently in my first year of makeup media, finding it really hard but also very enjoyable. Hoping in a years time when i've built up my skills to start working on my portfolio and doing some freelance make up.

x-Makeup-Meoww-x said...

Its alot of hard work but as long as your enjoying it like you say and you keep at it, it's so rewarding, good luck with it all :)