Monday, 7 November 2011

My style staples, the most worn.

I would describe my style as a little modern grunge, rock and roll, edgy but with a stylish and feminine twist. The key things that normally strike my eyes when I'm shopping generaly are studs, laces, crosses, sheer materials, leather, wetlook, slouchy fits, leopard print etc. I live mainly in black but I love pops of colour, florals, girly patterns, but I'll always team with with something with a bit of an edge to give it a kick. I'll show you a couple of my favourite pieces, how I wear them and then how I'd seasonally transition them.

This is from urban outfitters, I got it a year ago and its become my favourite and most worn top. If I don't know what to wear I always pick this up because I know I feel good in it and it looks super stylish and edgy yet pretty. It cost £28 and you can still buy it!.

These aren't my favourite shorts, my most worn are in the wash! But really, I just live in shorts, in summer and winer! Winter I'll just wear tights or leggings underneith for warmth plus it adds to that nice layering effect! These are my vintage Levis, I have doesens of pairs of shorts, especially different types of denim ones, they're really a massive staple of my warbrobe!.

My most used bag! I love love love it so much! I got it from the river island sale a couple of years ago, can't remember how much it was but It was something between £10 and £20. It combines SO much of what I love, its a black slouchy leather, the inside is leopard print, and it has a studded union jack, couldn't be more perfect for my style. One of my best perchases.

This beautiful jumper I had to repurchase on ebay after losing mine at newcastle train station! It origionally cost about £50 from topshop, I got it as a christmas present after lusting after it for ages. Its black, cosy, oversized and slouchy and is studded with little crystals. I had to pay £30 for it on ebay, ouch, but I just couldn't be without this! Its my winter staple, so cosy and looks fab!.

I got this little trilby the the republic sale for £2! I might have even been a meer quid I can't remember but it was a bargain! I wear this hat all the time, it just perks up an outfit in my oppinion and gives a little more 'something'.

This picutre is to generally represent hair accessories. This one being a black velvet crystal studded scrunchie, I use this on lazy days or I like to wrap it around a topknot. I have sooo many hair things, little clip in bows and flowers, studded hairbands, and my favourite things being those little 'hippy hairbands' that sort of lay along your forehead, I have SO many of those and also like to wrap them around my topknot sometimes.

Another staple, my faux leather skater skirt, Its highwasted, and I can pair it with just about anything, I'll wear it glammed up going out and I'll tone it down with a baggy jumper tights and some nice casual flats like toms or converce.

Jewlery is another big factor in my style, I wear a couple of everyday items, neclaces rings etc, but I like to add some chunky statement necklaces in alot to. Heres a couple of outfits I made up that are the kind of things I'll usually wear.

This is deffinately my most worn outfit, without a doubt!. Not always with the same jewlery or shoes, but this is typically how I would style it. I always feel good in shorts a nice slouchy top, and this t-shirt is my absolute fave as I mentioned before. I added the pearls and the cross necklace for bit of glam and something extra, I could also pair my trilby with this outfit. Obviosuly being winter now I could team it with a big thick chunky knit cardigan or coat as well as some tights or leggings.

These are some more peices that I wear often, chifon burnt orange/beige skirt that has an attached lace underskirt that peeps though at the bottom. Here I've teamed it with a sleveless floral sheer chiffon top with a cute little collar. The colours of both peices compliments each other really well. The chiffon top is comes to the hips at the front and drapes down at the back covering your behind so I also often wear this style of top with my wet look leggings. The belt is my favourite, its 2 mice kissing, I pair this belt with lots of outfits because it just adds a cute factor and is often a great conversation starter. Again teamed with the cross neckalce, and here pictured with one of my favourite pairs of heels. Again you could totally wear this more casually and for the winter teaming it with warm accessories and switching things up a little bit.

Heres me and the gorgeous Zach Porter from one of my favourite bands Allstar weekend (you have no idea how excited i was, i got him to sign my ankle and got it tattooed the next day).
I'm wearing the pictured top with a matching coloured headband and a differnt pair of shorts. Pictured but not clearly seen is also the studded bag.

Heres a slightly more 'current weather appropriate' outfit from my day to the science museum and madamme tussords. Again all these peices can be worn in SO many different ways.

I also had to include my current favourite skirt from miss selfridge, it has a black mini underskirt with a sheer chiffon over the top that is shorter at the front and 'maxi' at the back, I adore it.

This has been a pretty long so if you made it to the end here then well done! However I hope it was helpfull, I just want you all to be able to see you can create infinate looks with the right key peices. I used to buy for sake of buying, which has landed me with so many clothes I don't wear, but recently by only getting items I absolutely love and have no guilt over buying, its meant I can mix and match better and always love what I'm wearing.

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Adrienne said...

I have the truly madly deeply cross tee in white, yet to wear it had it a year and it still has it's tags on :|. You look lovely in all the pics :) x

x-Makeup-Meoww-x said...

Ahh wowsers really? You have to give it a try :)! Just try whipping it on over some legginjs or jeans with boots and a cardi maybe, it pretty much goesn with anything, I practically live in mine! And thankyou =].

Union Apparel said...

i've wanted this urban outfitters top for ages!
i've seen that theyve done a similar copy in new look though which was disappointing but one day, i'll get it haha

x-Makeup-Meoww-x said...

Ahhh if you've wanted it for ages I urgeryou to just get it! I wanted mine for ages till I bought it because I didn;t really want to spend just shy of £30 on it... but its such a good buy, I've spent more money on wildfox t-shirts which I also love but I wear this far more, but there are a few cheaper copies going around I'll try and find some and do a blog post :).

Lovelain94 said...

love the clothes that you are own! I have a jumper so similar to that from Next, I thought it was the same, I think it was about £28. Really love shorts in summer tooo xxxx

Lipstick Fridays said...

So in love with that bag xx its gorgeous xx you have a lovely blog xxx