Saturday, 12 November 2011!

This is for all you bargainista's out there!.
I've actually known about this website for quite a while, I've just completely forgotten about it till i recieved an email in regards to their new stock.
Now I haven't actually purchased anything from this website before (more fool me!), and to be quite honest alot of the items on there ar very hit and miss, in other words really, you have to hunt out the gems from the tat... BUT, there are some serious good finds! I particularly think their shoes are the best bargains to he had!. They regularly update their stock and some items so tend to fly off the shelves oober quickly! I've been gutted many times to find some shoes I was lusting after had sold out.

Anyway everything on their website really is only £5! 
In my oppinon however, some of the photos and models don't do the items any justice, but have a hunt and you'll find some fantastic buys, here's my pick of the stock, and yup, everything is a fiver, honest!

I LOVE the animal print heart bags, and the totes below I know are such a copy of Pauls boutique, but they're not trying to fake them in any way at all and they're super cute, and hey for £5 who cares?!

Have you heard of this website before, what do you think about it and do you know any other bargain websites?
Let me know your thoughts :)


Dragon Mommy said...

omg im going on there right now!
thanks for letting us know :D
holli x

Pretty In Pink said...

thanks for the headsup, teamed up with my housemate to save on postage, but i got the zebra print with pink handles, and she had the watermelon leopard print number

thanks so much for the link!!

Victoria said...

I love everything with studs and zippers :)

AngieBeautyBelle said...

So everything is a fiver?!? whaaaaattt, i'm going straight on!! haha

Luisa T. said...

Loved everything, but the studded leather jacket is my fav ;)


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CeCe & NuNu said...

love the 3rd bag!! amazing!

Celia said...

Ah I bought the shoes 2nd from bottom last week, they're really nice in real life too!x

Chlo said...

No way is this serious? Its amazing!! Totally bookmarking it!x

x-Makeup-Meoww-x said...

Its great right! I've never seen it blogged about either yet its such a good website!!!